HELSUS järjestää webinaarin aiheesta ”DE­GROWTH AND POST-EX­TRACT­IV­ISM – A GOOD LIFE FOR ALL?”

HELSUS = Helsinki University Sustainability Hub

Chair: Dr. Ossi Ollinaho, Post-doctoral researcher at Development Studies, University of Helsinki, member of both EXALT and HELSUS

Speaker: TBC

The earth and all of its inhabitants are on a trajectory of cascading socio-ecological crisis driven by extractivist development and growth-centered economism. Like a snake eating its own tail, our progress-orientated and human-centered civilisation is built on the premise that there are no limits to growth. But rethinking growth and the current societal realities cannot be avoided anymore. Concurrent crisis such as the Climate Emergency are showing that the we are approaching the final frontiers of capitalist development. This realisation has given rise to calls such as “degrowth” and post-extractivism.

In this online seminar we bring Degrowth and steady-state economics together with post-extractivism to seek alternatives for the current crisis-prone world-system. Through inclusive discussion we aim to explore the possibilities of building ecological and economic systems which function within the regenerative capacity of the planet, while at the same time enabling a ”good life for all”.

This seminar is part of a wider Global Degrowth Day organized each year to unite diverse organizations and communities, which support the idea of degrowth and want to show that “A good life for all” is possible beyond economies built on growth and consumption. The seminar is a joint venture between the EXALT initiative and the HELSUS Global South Encounters seminar series.

Join us at the seminar to learn from a prominent researcher in the field of ecological economics and degrowth, and to take part in the discussion yourself.

The event is open for everyone. Link will be published closer to the event.